Students Vision Academy

Students Vision Academy incorporated by Lion Dr. R.RajaRajan and Mrs. Vasanthi RajaRajan with broad objectives of Educational services in multi focussed dimensions.

Lion Dr. R. RajaRajan an Educationist since 1979 has been in this field serving in multiple areas as Founder – correspondent of Higher Secondary School (Recognised), founder of Educational Institutions, Technical & Computer Institutions, Career Guidance Expert, Media Education Expert, Writer, Journalist, and effective Orator besides many. In the same way Mrs. Vasanthi RajaRajan, a literary scholar, Educationist, poetess, writer, has been associating with RajaRajan in almost all the areas since 1988. The continuous, dedicated and intellectual services of Mr. R. RajaRajan and his team made a number of achievements and created remarkable track records in the field of Education.