Courses in Alternate Medicine

posted on: 09/19/2014

Allopathy medicine is the popular choice, of course, as on date it has got its own merits and demerits. No doubt, for immediate cure and relief Allopathy medicines is the better choice. Advance surgical process backed by scientific systems is the back bone for allopathy procedures which saves many lives that have gone to edge of risk. At the same time, the side reactions are the pessimistic factor of this system. The Alternative Medical procedures have got their own special features and the medical procedures of alternative medicines have no side reactions besides based on natural products, not chemicals what are used mostly in allopathic system of medicine. The prevention methodology available in Natural medical procedures is worth to be mentioned here.

Allopathy system popularly known as English Medicine is popular throughout the world, the reason being its systematic, organized and structured approaches. It is known for identifying the discomforts, ailments, diseases and injuries due to accidents, by means of modern electronic devices like X-rays, scanning various fools. The surgical procedures which provides immediate possible cure is famous in this field. But still, there are so many diseases for which the cause and cure are not yet found even now. Since the medicines are mostly chemicals which are foreign substances to the human system, they susceptible to provide side reactions. Provided a drug is given to cure a disease, simultaneously another drug has to be given to adjust the side reactions. So, while consuming allopathy medicine, there is always a threat of side reactions and similar adverse effects, so it is the time to thing about alternative medicines which had been in existence in India and in many parts of the world. Literatures, manuscripts, archeological and other evidences spoke about these methods and must of them gone out of use because of many reasons including repeated foreign invasions regarding the India is concerned. In fact, strictly speaking unbelievable methods are available and it is obvious that even the diseases which can not be cured by latest technologies may have a cure in this methods. Researches are trying to understand the scientific and systematic approach behind these methods. Now the medical field has realized to innovate the faded areas of conventional medical concepts and once fully explored the human society may have a peaceful life without diseases.

According to ancient and traditional medical concepts, energy matter is one at the same. Energy is manifested into 5 elements namely either, air, fire water and earth which forms the basis of matter.

The medical logic and concepts of the Alternate medicine are mostly based on Natural laws and its implications.

Siddha, ayurvedic, Homeopathy, Unani and Naturopathy & Yoga are the fields in medicine other than Allopathy.

What is siddha?

Siddha system is one of the oldest systems of medicines in India. “Siddha” are the saintly personalities who contributed a lot of medical field through their practices of yoga. The meaning of siddha implies achievement. The field aims to the peaceful life of human being by means of co-existence of human soul with nature. This medical field is based on providing medicines from natural ingredients. Subjected to conditions and restriction of food and habits while taking medicine.

Siddha medical systems, known as Agasthiar system were contributed by 18 siddhas. And this of therapies in nature. According to this system, human body is the replica of the universe and based on this only food one drugs is given. It is obvious, human body is the compositor of 5 basic elements namely earths, water, fire, air and space, which combine the principles of vatah, Pitha and kapa. The diagnosis of the disease is based on the examination and testing of tongue complexion, voice, eye, touch, stools and pulse. The basis of the treatment for disease is essentially by following. Right food, proper life style, yoga and also taking the drugs derived from plants, animals, metals and minerals. Some siddha medicines are toxic in nature. So it is common to start the treatment with parts of plants, normally herbs play vital part in this system. Bulb internal and external medicines are used in these systems. The herbs used in these systems are grown in many parts of our country. Around 1900 plants are used in siddha system and some plant parts are brought from other parts of the world also.

The so called, “Sidda Maruthuvam” is originated from Tamil Nadu and the system is base on Medicinal plants, minerals and animals.

What is Ayurvedha?

The meaning of the word Ayurvedha is “service of life” which means practices of life Ayurvedha medicines are originated, since from vedic times and it has been in constant practice for the last 5000 years.

The concept of Ayurvedha is rooted in India’s most christened scriptures, Vedas medicinal uses of plants are mentioned in Rigveda, its period is 2500 to 6500 BC. Ayurvedha deals with our life by considering the co-ordinate of mind and spirit. It is a system which correlates natural therapies and specific approaches. The treatment as based on medical curing property of various herbs and simple diagnostic procedures.

CHARAKA was the founder of Ayurveda many unbelievable complicated surgeries were done in those days itself by using hundreds of surgical instruments by Sushrutha who even today remembered as “Father of modern surgery”. The book “ charaka samhika”, wrote by charaka deals with medicines. This field again uses medicines and drugs derived from plants. Successful treatment procedures are available for chronic diseases like liver problems, diabetes, arthritis, bronchial asthma, epilepsy in Ayurveda. Metals, minerals, herbs and animal products are also used in this field.

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy system was in traduced by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann of Germany and his book on this system was published in 1980. This book, “ The organ of Art of Healing” explains about Homeopathy in details.

“Law of similarly” found by Dr. Hahneman is the basic concept of this system which explains the similarity between drugs and diseases. It is a treatment of a disease or condition by using a very small amount of drugs to cure the disease. It is a treatment of a disease or condition by using a very small amount of drugs to cure the disease. It is based on basic natural principles, and the medicines are derived from mineral and animal kingdoms. The medicines are prepared from plants, roots, barks, stems buds, leaves, greens, oil etc and also from wild forests plants.

What is Naturopathy & Yogic science:

Naturopathy system is purely based on Natural systems and the it provides the base for many ailments. It induces adoption of proper and useful habits. The basic natural laws are used in this system. Importance is given to eating and living habits in this system the treatment. The methods of treatments in naturopathy are gold packs, mud packs; mud baths, massage etc. water, fruit juices and several kinds of herbals are used mainly in Naturopathy system. The basic principle of Naturopathy is leading well organized life.

The concept of yoga was introduced by Patanjali, 2500 years ago. Yoga consists of 8 basic components. They are Restraint, observing of many physical postured, breathing exercise, restraining of sense organs, meditations, contemplation and samathi.

Maintaining vegetarianism and the use of medical herbs are the important aspects of yoga. Lot of physical postures are described in yogic works. They are aimed in importing bodily health presenting diseases and provides ways of curing illness.

Meditation is a part of yogic system. Meditation exercises can stabilize emotional changes. And pervert abnormal functions or imptact organs of the body.

Courses in Alternate medicines:

  1. Siddha – Bachelor of SIddha medicine and surgery – BSMS
  2. Ayurvedhic – Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and surgery – BAMS
  3. Homeopathy – Bachelor of Homeopathy system of Medical and surgery – BHMS
  4. Unani – Bachelor of Unani Medicine and surgery – BUMS
  5. Naturopathy yoga – Bachelor of Naturopathy and yogic science - BNYS

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