Career Guidance and Counseling - Article 1

posted on: 09/05/2014

“Career Guidance “and “counseling” have become an important need in to-day’s system of Education. It becomes our great responsibility to guide guidance to the younger generation with great care. Choosing a path for their career is vital after school Education because, once chosen the choice cannot be reconsidered again. One should keep in his mind that the career chosen alone can decide the rest period of one’s life. Various factors like Interest, mind set, ambition besides financial constraints should be kept in mind before decide the future course of Education. A student needs suggestions from various sources to decide his future in this tender age. He should not decide his path simply considering his small circle and the present trend of influence. A work which is done out of pressure and undesired influence will not provide involvement in the long run. Any activity which is done with pleasure only provides happiness in the long run.

The factors like parents, schools, mentors, Academies, Educational Institutions besides the society are the depending factors for the progress of the students. Awareness and creativity is the basic thing in placing a student in the right path.

Providing basic Education in proper way is an important need today. Systematic learning of basic Education along can induce interest to study further in the minds of the students. The students must be providing with updated knowledge about the day to day charges in Educational system.

Keeping a well defined objective, focus and goal setting are important for a student to keep them in vibrant studying attitude. These factor along can give inspiration in to-days complex situation.

A student begins his carrier in infant stage while entering in to Nursery education. The attributes like acceptance to learning, enjoying schooling, pleasure in association and above all keeping the mind open to learn should be created in this stage with the available resources. It does not mean a costly and sophisticated system is necessary to achieve this: anything and everything can be done with available resources.

The stage of “Elementary Education” till V class is a stage to develop thinking habits, knowledge seeking, application and by and large knowing the world. Proper learning, understanding attitudes, writing style and habits like punctually, dress-discipline, manners should be taught in this stage, of course, this a again the education combined with pleasure. Which includes sports and games, till VIII class? Next comes middle school Education exposed to the students, besides the above mentioned factors. This is a stage a student has to understand” what is what”. The students need lot of teaching, exposure and helps in this stage. Real molding in all angles is needed in this stage.

This is followed by IX and X which is a very important period. Once the above aspects are done with care, the students would be in a proper shape as we expect. This is the exact time we are supposed to make them competitive. A student faces the first challenge in his X standard. We are supposed handle them carefully to face and win this competition. By any chance he should not be inclined towards frustration we must make them to face the competition with real sportive spirit.

After X is the “Real Turning point” or we can say, the beginning of turning points in one’s life. The students are in need of many helps in this stage. They are in a position to choose the subjects or groups to coached in their further career of Education. This is the time of Goal setting and Aspirations. They should be providing with complete guidance about all the available options in Education, in India and in the world.

After this comes, the very importance Turning point that is, Higher Secondary Education. The knowledge gained, experiences gained, exposures obtained, practices underwent and pleasure attitude towards studying will help them to lead a peaceful, bright and successful life. It is the greatest responsibility of the society to take care of the students at this juncture, by providing whatever they want with the available resources. This is the stage, the question of “what next’ comes. They should be educated about all the available options before him.

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